Purchase a Kilt


Purchase a kilt from Lothian Kilt Rentals! Our custom kilts are available in any tartan (see tartan registry here) and are hand-made in Scotland, using the best quality material, 100% pure wool, and made to measure. Our kilts include double fringe, belt loops, three buckles and straps. Any variation required should be advised at the time of ordering.

Purchase a Kilt

Kilts are available in:


  • 8 yard regulation kilt – $625
  • 5.5 yard casual kilt – $525
  • 9 yard kilt (up to 54″ hip) – $725
  • Each size above comes in your choice of either a medium weight (13oz) or heavy weight (16oz) tartan cloth


Measurements needed:

A video on how to take kilt measurements is further below
Kilt Measure

  • Height – In shoes, should be exact to allow us to check the length given
  • Waist – Taken fairly tightly at the natural waist position just above the belly button
  • Hip – Take fairly loosely around the seat. Please remove wallet and/or keys from pockets before measuring
  • Overall Length – Taken from where top of kilt will sit to desired length. Guidelines are as follows:
    5’4″ – 22.0″ overall, 5’6″ – 22.5″ overall, 5’8″ – 23.0″ overall, 5’10” – 23.5″ overall, 6′ – 24.5″ overall, 6’2″ – 25.5″ overall


How to Purchase a Kilt:



How to Take Kilt Measurements