Your Lothian Kilt Rentals rental footwear will include:


  • Pair of hose – knee-high socks in black or off white
  • Garter flashes (green, blue, or grey) – elastic straps worn inside the cuff of the hose to hold them in place with short strips of fabric hanging from the garter complementing the color of the kilt fabric
  • Ghillie brogues – pronounced gilly brogues – a tongueless dress shoe with high laces


Our Footwear

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White and Green Black and Blue Black and Red
This combination of off-white hose and green flashes is generally worn with our Flower of Scotland tartan. This combination of black hose and blue flashes goes great with our blue Kingdom of Scotland and Edgewater tartans. This combination of black hose and grey flashes is an excellent combination paired with our Lionheart tartan.