Choosing The Right Kilt

Choosing The Right Kilt

Choosing the Right Kilt

Kilt is commonly known as the traditional national dress for men in Scotland which was often used during ceremonies and special occasions. Apparently kilts are knee-length skirts, attached with it are important accessories that can sometimes vary in amount depending on the outfit you have chosen. In choosing the right kilt you must consider a lot of things just like the quality of the fabric being used, the pattern of the kilt that you should wear, and how much your budget is in purchasing the right kilt for you.

Traditionally a kilt must be made only with new wool but sometimes there are also casual kilts that can be made with other kinds of fabrics usually in plain colours. You can choose from different kinds of fabrics used to make kilts but you should choose the one that you are comfortable with and the one with a high standardized quality so that it would last longer or even a lifetime. You can also choose the style of jacket that you want it is either a traditional one or a modern one. The two jackets that are usually used are the Prince Charlie jacket for formal outfits and if you want a semi-formal outfit there is the Argyll jacket.

Most people know that kilts must have accessories to give the outfit a total look. The belt, sporran, kilt knife, kilt pin, hose, and the shoes. The belt is from leather and it comes with a buckle. Sporran serves as their bag where they keep their valuables. Kilt knife is often placed inside the top of the man’s socks. Kilt pin is a decorative pin usually pinned at the lower corner of the kilt. Hose or the socks sometimes come with patterns or just a plain colour. The shoes known as Ghillie Brogues do not have a tongue and has a long shoe string. Although some of these accessories are not used that often in certain occasions.

There are different kinds of kilts that can be used formally or casually. The walking kilt or the casual kilt often used when hiking. The ceremonial or formal kilt usually used in formal occasions or ceremonies. Most men from Scotland prefer to wear kilt rather than pants, the kilt they are wearing are known as the wedding kilt. Regimental kilt, bagpiper’s kilt, tartan kilt, and costume kilt are also some of the kilts being used nowadays.

Always take your time when you are planning to buy a kilt, have some research, do know and understand the setts, find the accessories that best fit with your kilt, and know your measurements. Make sure that you will choose the kilt that fits you well when you purchase it or have it tailored so that it will be well appreciated when you wear it. So before purchasing a kilt there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration to be able to choose the right one and to make your investment worthwhile. There are many reasons to wear a kilt even on ordinary day but it is just mostly worn during special occasion especially if you now live away from your home country

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