Lothian’s New Edgewater Tartan Unveiled

Lothian’s New Edgewater Tartan Unveiled

Introducing the new Edgewater Tartan!

Edgewater Tartan Kilt Small View

Designed and owned exclusively by Lothian Kilt Rentals, the new Edgewater Tartan is now available to purchase or rent. The colors of the Edgewater Tartan capture the bright blue Florida skies and waters that define Dunedin’s coastal landscape.

Dunedin (Gaelic pronunciation of Edinburgh) is located near Clearwater, Florida. The town boasts a unique blend of Old Florida beach hospitality, refined shopping and dining, and deep Scottish heritage. Whether it’s a morning walk through Highlander Park, a relaxing day at Honeymoon Island, an afternoon shopping in downtown, or an evening at award-winning restaurants and microbrews – Dunedin has something for everyone and is the perfect setting to begin your Scottish Celebration.

Iain Donaldson Edgewater Tartan Kilt

Iain and Moira Donaldson – Owners

The Edgewater Tartan can be worn by anyone seeking a vibrant, modern tartan with traditional appeal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about your interest in wearing the Edgewater Tartan at your next event. Located in Dunedin, Lothian Kilt Rentals is the exclusive retailer and owner of the Edgewater Tartan. Lothian Kilt Rentals is the only kilt rental retail outlet in the state of Florida carrying over 200 kilt outfits on premise, including the Edgewater and other tartans.

Lothian will ship rentals to any of the lower 48 states. Non-Floridians can enjoy this new Edgewater Tartan! All of our kilts are heavy weight, 8 yard, 16oz kilts made to look beautiful and withstand the shipping process. They will look great when they arrive at your door!

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    April 02, 2014

    WOW! I thought I had a tartan picked out for when I get a new kilt, now I have to rethink the whole process.


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    April 08, 2015

    Love the Dunedin Edgewater Tartan


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